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We are a global provider of equipment for the Oil & Gas industry

Mazak Machine Center


We have many types of machines equipped for various sized Cutting, Turning, Boring, and Milling operations. Our large variety of CNC and custom-designed machines allow us diversity in our ability to deliver power, speed, and accuracy to each customer. Our machining capabilities include:

  • Lathes Horizontal/ Vertical (CNC & Manual): with turning from less than 1” in diameter and up to 157” (just over 13’ in Diameter).
  • Mills (CNC & Manual): From 1” diameter and up to 118” (just over 9’ in diameter).
  • Drills (CNC & Manual) : Includes both fixed and swing arm types to drill from less than 1” diameter and up to 47” long.
  • Kingsa has the capacity to manufacture and ship up to 1050 tons per month (50 plus containers).